Monday, July 6, 2009


I got in some playtime with the twins yesterday. Gotta love baby time! Hard to believe they are now almost five months. I love this age, they are laughing, smiling, cooing, so much fun to play with.

Emily and the closeup. This pic rocks! Taylor was holding her and got a bit close to the camera and this is the outcome. For sure this will be on a layout in the near future.

And then there's Miss Chubby Girl (aka Sheyla). This child is a bottomless pit and it shows. She has the chubbiest cheeks that you just can't help but pinch.

Why did I have a house full of family yesterday? Just having a little early birthday celebration for me. I admit it, I'll be 21 this year! Come on, surely you believe that? OK, so I'll actually be 33, not afraid to admit it.
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