Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Tag

Day 10 of Scrapbook News and Review Magazines Summer Tags is completely representative of what summer is like here in the south - H..O..T! There are just a few short steps to make this tag.

Cut cardstock and patterned paper to size. Adhere patterned paper to cardstock and use punch to round the corners.

Using Distress Ink, apply ink over mask.

Stamp images onto watercolor paper and then heat emboss. Color images with watercolor pencils and an aqua pen.

Cut out stamped images. Adhere sun to upper left hand corner and popsicle to lower right hand corner.

Adhere glitter to letters and set aside to dry.

Make holes across the bottom of tag using paper piercer. Attach beads to jump rings then attach jump rings to bottom of tag.

The trick to using jump rings is to open them correctly. The one on the left shows the correct way to open them and the one on the right is the incorrect way. By pulling the sides apart (as in the jump ring on the right), the jump ring will never close properly. The best way to open jump rings is by using two pairs of beading or needle nose pliers. Grasp each side of the jump ring with a pair of pliers and pull one side towards your body and the push the other side backwards away from your body. And to close it, just do the exact opposite by pulling both sides back together.

The completed tag.

Head on over to Scrapbook News and Review Magazine to check out the other nine days of Summer Tags. The gals did a wonderful job!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Creations

My oldest niece is spending the weekend with me and the first thing she always wants to do is make something. So I let her pick through a few items I had and she decided on the wall plaque. She did almost all the work herself - she picked out the stamp she wanted to use, colored in the image, picked out the patterned paper, painted the wood plaque. The only thing I helped her with was cutting out the stamped image and cutting the patterned paper. I think she is well on her way to being completely hooked on paper crafting. :)

We also went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D yesterday. Definitely worth the money to see this one in theatres. There was a spot near the end that had me in tears and the very end of the movie is so wonderfully sweet. I think next on my to see list is Shrek.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Few Creations To Share

I'm always anxiously waiting on the next issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine to be posted for two reasons - 1) so I can share my goodies from the prior month and 2) there's always plenty of new projects and articles to look through.

The two layouts are from a friend's wedding last October on Tybee Island. I made both the bride and groom's cakes and apparently the bride had her own ideas on how to cut the cake (notice her hand with the cake knife in a stabbing position).

This layout is from her wedding shower at work. And what a fun drive home it was with a car full of balloons.

This was my fave card for the May issue of the magazine. Bling, butterflies, and flowers - a perfect combination.

The June issue of the magazine has been published so head on over and take a look. If you would like to see my other creations from the May issue, they are all posted on my online gallery here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun Day in Atlanta

The entire day yesterday was spent in Atlanta. First, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. Then we walked next door and went to the World of Coke. The aquarium was awesome. So many creatures that most of us would never see up close and personal if it weren't for exhibits like this. There was an open tank were you could touch small sharks and sting rays. The shark feels like velvet. There were other open areas where you could touch sea anemone and starfish. This is one larger viewing areas. There were manta rays, sharks, giant grouper, and tons of other little fish.

This is from a walk through tunnel where the creatures are literally swimming around you. Amazing close-up views of the animals.

How cute is this guy? The otters were really fun to watch.

Over at the World of Coke, there was tons of Coke memorabilia and we got to taste different drinks from around the world.
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