Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inchies, ATC's and Tags

These are my Mixed Media items that were in the October Double issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine.

Can you guess how the textured background was created for the inchies? Gesso and plastic canvas. And oh so simple. Just layer on a good coat of gesso to a thick cardstock and while it's wet just lay down a piece of plactic canvas and lightly press it down into the gesso. Carefully remove the plastic canvas piece and let the cardstock dry. Once dry, you can add the ink colors, stamped images, and embellishments. The cool thing with gesso is you can embed any item into it for a wonderful texture!

This tag was inspired by a recent trip to Savannah. I was in the middle of packing and the idea just popped in my head. It really is true that real life makes for great inspiration.

Last but not least, there is my Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ATC. The calaveras (skulls) are a very common symbol of this Mexican holiday.

I hope you've been inspired by your stop here today.

Friday, December 24, 2010

O Holy Night Tag

Here's one last tag for the the holidays. With the exception of the drying time for the enamel accents, this was a very quick tag to put together. Perfect for a last minute gift idea or to add a little something extra to a gift package.

Start by gathering all necessary supplies. Projects always go together much easier when I don't have to hunt for supplies.

Cut cardstock to 6 1/4x3 1/8 in and patterned paper to 5x3 1/8 in.

Round top corners of the cardstock using a corner punch. Using the same punch, but with removing the cutting guard, punch the scalloped border across the bottom.

Color the patterned paper using a mister filled with distress ink reinker, perfect pearls, and water.

Attach patterned paper to cardstock using a sewing machine. If you don't have a sewing machine, this step can be completed by hand stitching.

The chipboard letters were the perfect size but the wrong color for this project. I also wanted a bit of dimension and not just a flat color. To achieve this, add a thin coat of white enamel accents to the chipboard letters. Set aside to dry.

Stamp image and color with watercolor pencils blended with an aquapen. Cut out image.

Apply rub-on and border sticker. Attach both the angel and bird using pop dots. Using white ink pen, make small dots across both the top and bottom edges of the tag.

Attach crystals to mimic holly berries. Finish tag by adhering the letters and adding ribbon.

I hope you've been inspired today!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Layouts Inspired From The Aquarium

A couple months ago I finally had a chance to visit the Georgia Aquarium. If you're ever close to Atlanta, it's great place to visit! I finally had a chance to scrap some of the pics and these are the layouts that were in the October Double Issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine.

This first layout is a mix of some of the animals we viewed.

And this is just a few of the types of sharks at the aquarium. Such graceful creatures!

And this one is my fave! I have no idea what kind of fish this is, but my very first though when I noticed it was Elvis.

Thanks for taking a peek and I hope you're inspired to make a few layouts of your own.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Ornament Tutorial

As promised, here is part two of my Christmas Tutorial. As an added bonus, the entire project was made by my 12 year old niece Taylor. So for those of you out there with children, this is a great way for your children to help with the Christmas crafting. And with a little help from Mom, this project can be made by younger children also.

Gather all supplies.

Print and cut out template.

Trace birds onto back of patterned paper. Be sure that the birds are facing opposite directions as they will sandwiched together in a later step.

Carefully cut out the birds. Tip: If working with a younger child, this would be a step the parents would need to complete.

Apply adhesive to the backs of the birds.

Sandwich the two pieces together.

Apply ink to the edges of the bird.

Accordion fold a 6in doily.

Unfold doily and add desired ink color.

Cut a 1in horizontal line where you want to place the wings. Refold the doily and insert through cut until halfway through.

Unfold doily so it mimics wings.

Apply a thin line of quick drying glue to the innermost edge of the left side of the doily and adhere to the innermost edge of the right side.

Add a half pearl to each side of the bird for an eye and it's ready for gift giving or even adding to packages as decoration.

Crafting with the young ones in the family is a great way to get in that much needed quality time, plus it keeps little hands busy for hours.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tag Tutorial

Scrapbook News and Review Magazine is in the midst of their 12 Days of Christmas Tags and yesterday was my day to share a tag with everyone! I hope you enjoy the tag!

Begin by gathering all necessary supplies so they are close at hand.

Cut cardstock and patterned paper to 3 1/8 by 6 1/14 in.

Punch a border across the length of the cardstock.

Adhere the cardstock to the patterned paper.

Stamp Santa image in lower left corner.

Ink entire tag using multiple shades of red and green. Then using distressing tools, slightly distress both the top and sides of the tag.

Mask off the area where the Santa image is stamped and stamp over the entire tag with a script stamp.

Round the top two corners using a corner punch. Add the rub-on sentiment and pearls, spritz with a mini-mister filled with water and gold perfect pearls, add ribbon and the tag is complete.

Stop on my at Scrapbook News and Review Magazine and see what else the magazine has in store!

And don't forget to stop by my blog tomorrow for another Christmas tutorial.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chain Stitch with Felt Flowers Tutorial

This card, and the stitching tutorial, were included in the October issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine and now I can finally share it here.

Creating the chain stitch
Step One: Bring the needle up from the back.

Step Two: Take the needle down to the back in the same spot where it was brought up.

Step Three: Leave a slight loop when taking the needle to the back.

Step Four: Bring the needle back up to the front approximately 1/3 in up from the loop.

Step Five: Bring the needle through the loop.

Step Six: Pull the thread taught but not too tight as it will cause the fabric to pucker. Then take the needle back down and continue making the chain.

Step Seven: To end the chain, take the needle down on the outside of the loop. This will secure the last loop.

Hope you've enjoyed the tutorial and maybe you'll be inspired to pull out a needle and thread and give it a try!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

SNR Holiday Sampler Issue

Are you ready for oodles and oodles of Christmas projects and ideas? Keep your eyes posted! The Holiday Sampler issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine will be released tonight.

And if you don't have a subscription, what are you waiting for?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cards, cards, cards

Thought I would share a couple of my cards that were in the September issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine.

The first is a fave because of the black and red color contrast. And guess where I found those wonderful flowers? In the fabric section of the craft store. It definitely pays to step out of the scrapbook section when shopping for supplies!

And the second is a fave because of the fairy image. I have become hooked on fairies lately. She really is adorable.

I hope I've inspired a bit of creativity in each of you.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Found Love - ATC's

Time once again to share a few recent creations that were in the September issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine.

I've recently become addicted to making ATC's. At a size of 2 1/2 in x 3 1/2 in, they are super quick to make and a good change from making full size layouts.

This one is definitely a fave. I simply used leftover clear packaging for the ATC base and colored the background with alcohol inks. Once the ink has dried, flip the ATC over and stamp your desired images. Lastly, I added a few drops of enamel accents and the ATC is complete.

The second ATC was made using glossy card stock and the background was inked with distress inks. Once the background was dry, I stamped the flame image with embossing ink, covered with embossing powder, and heated until the embossing powder was melted. The last step is to add the crystal accents and the ATC is complete.
Like I said, ATC's are a fun and quick way to let your creativity fly but not use up a lot of time.

Hope you've enjoyed these creations. Now go create something!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Recent Layouts

Just thought I would take a few minutes to share a couple of layouts that were in the September issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine.

I laughed when I noticed the kids playing on the cats scratching post. Who would have thought it would go from a cat tree to being a baby tree? LOL

And this one is of Sheyla from Christmas last year. Someone, coughTaylorcough, decided it was a good idea to put her in that massive box filled with packing peanuts. What else are big sisters good for?

Hope you've enjoyed these layouts and maybe, just maybe, they'll inspire a bit of creativity for each of you.
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