Monday, December 13, 2010

Chain Stitch with Felt Flowers Tutorial

This card, and the stitching tutorial, were included in the October issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine and now I can finally share it here.

Creating the chain stitch
Step One: Bring the needle up from the back.

Step Two: Take the needle down to the back in the same spot where it was brought up.

Step Three: Leave a slight loop when taking the needle to the back.

Step Four: Bring the needle back up to the front approximately 1/3 in up from the loop.

Step Five: Bring the needle through the loop.

Step Six: Pull the thread taught but not too tight as it will cause the fabric to pucker. Then take the needle back down and continue making the chain.

Step Seven: To end the chain, take the needle down on the outside of the loop. This will secure the last loop.

Hope you've enjoyed the tutorial and maybe you'll be inspired to pull out a needle and thread and give it a try!
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