Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas Canvas

We're getting very close to the big day.  Is everyone getting excited?  I have one last project to show you.  Do you remember my Joy Mini-canvas? Well I had one canvas left over from that project, and I think I've come up with something cute.

To start, I chose the paper I wanted to use.  I have some left over dictionary pages from an old project, so I figured it would work perfectly  for this.

I used my Zig 2 Way glue to adhere the dictionary page to the canvas.

Next, I chose my stamp.  I also chose two different markers, one a light green and one a dark green, to ink the stamp.

I used the light green to cover the entire stamp.  Then I used the darker green around the outer edges for shading.

Next, I used a pale yellow pen to add highlights of color around the edges of the canvas.

Next up, I used my Zig Photo Signature pen in Red to add a bit of doodling around the edge and to also add "lights" to the tree.  I chose this pen because of the small point, which is what I wanted for the lights.

Now to add a bit of embellishment..  I added on a strip of pom-pom ribbon.

Now we couldn't let this project go without a bit of bling.  I used my Wink of Stella pens to add additional lights to the tree.  Now, when you move the canvas, the lights will actually twinkle.

To finish the tree, I added a star to the top.  I also used my Zig Writer in Black on a sentiment stamp.

The finishing touch is to add a ribbon hangar and a couple of jingle bells, then a few sequins to act as tows under the tree. I love the sound of bells lightly jingling.  I already know who the lucky recipient of this adorable canvas will be.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Ornaments

Welcome back! Are you ready for another fun and super adorable Christmas project? How cute would this guy look hanging from your tree or garland? So let's get started, and I'll show you how it was made.

To start, I panted two wooden spools.  One I painted with a White Zig Painty FX pen, the other was painted with a Light blue Zig Painty FX pen.  Set the spools aside for a few minutes to allow the paint to dry.

Once the paint is dry, cut a strip of paper to fit the middle portion of the spool.  I thought it would be an interesting twist to use a paper with a foreign script. Adhere the strips to the spools and set aside for the adhesive to dry.

Once everything is dry, use a Zig Squeeze & Roll 2 Way Glue Pen to apply a line of glue to the top and bottom of the paper strip.  Immediately coat the glue lines in glitter then set the spools aside once again to dry.

While we're waiting on the glue to dry, let's work on assembling the bottom part of the ornament.  You'll need a pair of beading pliers, a head pin, and whatever item you wish to hang from the bottom of the ornament.  In this case, I wanted to use a crystal star.

Using the beading pliers, make a small loop at the end of the head pin, add the jump ring that is attached to the crystal into the loop, then close the loop.

Next up, insert the head pin into the spool.

Holding the head pin tightly against the spool from the bottom, bend the edge of the head pin against the top of the spool.  If the head pin is longer than the edge of the spool, simply snip off the overhang with a pair of wire cutters.  Oh, and I apologize for my paint covered fingers in the next few pictures. :) I didn't realize how much paint was in my hands when I took the pictures.

Adhere the head pin to the spool using hot glue.

Again using hot glue, adhere your chosen mini-ornament to the top of the spool.

Add a layer of snow textured medium around the base of the snowman.  While the texture medium is still wet, add a bit of glitter over the top.  Set aside the ornament one last time to allow the texture medium to dry.  

Lastly, just add an ornament hook into the top of the ornament.  Now it's ready to hang and enjoy.

The Santa ornament was completed in exactly the same way as the snowman ornament, just using a fabric Christmas tree instead of a crystal star.

These guys are now ready to hang and be enjoyed.  They could also easily be personalized by adding an initial charm to the jump ring at the base.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Joy Canvas

Today I have a fun mini-canvas project. It's the perfect size to be hung from a door knob as decoration.  Or, If you have that really large gift, it can work as a package tag by simply adding a small tag with the recipient's name.  So let's jump on in, and I'll show you how it was made.

I started with three 4in x 4in mini canvases.  I painted all three with my red Zig Painty FX pen.

While the paint was drying, I cut three pieces of burlap to 3 1/4 in x 3 1/4 in. Once the paint was dry, I adhered the burlap to the canvases.

Next, I painted my chipboard letters with a black Zig Painty FX pen.  These pens make painting so easy.  No brush, no pouring paint.

To add a bit of detail to the canvas, I used a Zig Posterman Extra Fine pen in white to doodle a simple border on two of the canvases.

Next, I adhered the chipboard letters to the canvases.

You know all of my projects have bling, and this one is no exception.  I used my Zig Wink of Stella brush pen in Glitter Orange to add color and shimmer to two chipboard bells.  Just a light coating of ink and they have a magnificent shimmer.  This is my first time using the Wink of Stella brush pen, and I have to say I'm hooked!

Now, we just need to pull everything together.   I added flowers to the corners of two of the canvases, then added the chipboard bells to the remaining canvas.  Lastly, I layered and adhered the canvases to each other and added a bit of ribbon to use as a hanger.

Closer and closer we get to the festive day.  Are you ready?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Snow Business Card

We're getting closer and closer to the big day, so of course I have another Christmas project, a card this time. So let's jump right on in, and I'll show you how it was made.

I started with a Kraft cardstock card, 4in x 9in in size.  Using the 2mm tip of my Zig Fabricolor pen in Cobalt Blue, I created a simple doodle around the edge.  Even though this pen is made for use on fabric, it works perfectly on paper too.  I chose this pen because the color was a perfect match to the baker's twine I had chosen.

Next, I punched around the edge of a piece of white cardstock cut to 3 1/2 in x 8 1/2 in.  Set aside several of the punched snowflakes for use later.  Then I used the brush tip of the same pen to ink the edge of the whit cardstock. The adhere the white cardstock to the kraft cardstock base.

Using the brush tip of the same pen, I inked and stamped my sentiment and several snowflakes.

Next, I adhered several of the punched snowflakes using my Zig 2 Way Glue pen.  I also added a piece of baker's twine around the card.

Lastly, I drew over each of the snowflakes with my Zig Wink of Stella pen in Glitter Clear.  I can't tell you how much I love this pen.  Such an each way to add a bit of glimmer.

A simple yet adorable card.  Now, the only question is who do I give it to?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Embossed Candle Holder

Are you getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? If you're anything like me, you're just itching to put up the Christmas tree and decorations.  However, I'm making myself hold out until after Thanksgiving.  Wouldn't want to overlook turkey day :)

Since I'm in a Christmas mood though, I thought I'd make a quick project.  And by quick, I mean less than five minutes!  Perfect for a last minute gift or decoration.  How cute would a set of these be as a hostess gift for a party? Or how about for that one person you forgot to buy a gift?

So let me show you how it was made.

Start by gathering your supplies.  You'll need a clean glass tea light candle holder, stamps of your choice, a Zig Emboss Writer, a heat tool, embossing powder, corn starch, and tweezers.  

Because the glass holds static very well, I dusted the glass with a thin layer of corn starch to keep the embossing powder from sticking in places I didn't want it. 

Next, I simply inked my stamp with my Zig Emboss pen, stamped my image on the glass, covered it with embossing powder, then heated the powder until it was melted.  I used three different sized snowflake stamps and randomly stamped them around the glass.  Repeat the stamping and embossing until you like the look of the glass.

I previously mentioned you would need tweezers. Glass holds heat for a long time.  I used the tweezers to hold the glass still so I could stamp and heat emboss the images.  No burned fingertips.  And don't ask how I figured this out, because if you did I'd tell you it was the hard way.

As you can see, the finished project is simply adorable.  I plan to make several more and use them as a runner down the center of my dining room table.  Just think how it will look at night with all the candles lit.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Ornament

Just a few more days until the fun spooktacular night that's filled with goblins, ghouls, and all sorts of creatures. Which leaves just enough time for one last project. And for this project I have an ornament, perfect for that last bit of decorating. So let's get going on how it was made.

I started with a small piece of glossy cardstock that was cut to fit between two pieces of glass.  I simply inked the cardstock with Orange Kurecolor Ink.  To create the splotches on the cardstock, I just flicked it with a couple drops of alcohol.

Next, using my Zig Writer in Black, I stamped a skeleton and sentiment.

Once the ink is completely dry, place one piece of glass under the cardstock, one piece of glass on top of the cardstock, and then wrap the edges of your "sandwich" with foil tape.

To take away the shine of the foil tape, I used my Zig Painty FX pen in Black.  I just randomly painted the edges as I didn't want to fully cover the tape.

Next, I painted a metal frame with my Black Zig Painty FX pen. Again, I wanted a thin coat of paint so the metal would slightly show through.

Once the paint was dry on the frame, I mounted the glass piece on top. Then I found a bauble in my stash that I inked with Orange Kurecolor Ink and attached to the metal frame.  To hide the jump rings I used to attach the bauble, I added a die cut bat.

Lastly, I added a strip of ribbon so the ornament could be hung.

 As an added note for all those attending parties and Trick or Treating, please be safe out there.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Table Decoration

Fall...cooler weather, shorter days, and Halloween. That one ghoulish day when we can all pretend to be any character we want.  And let's not forget about the fun parties.  So I created a fun table decoration just for a Halloween party.  So let's get started with how I made  this project.

To start, I added a few glass beads to a Ziploc bag, then added in a few drop of Orange Kurecolor Ink. Then just shake the bag until all the beads are coated in ink.

Then, I simply dumped the beads out on my craft sheet to dry, which only takes a minute.

Next, I used a Zig Painty FX pen in Black to paint the rim and bottom of a glass.  I used a small piece of decorative tape to mask off the stem of the glass, this way I had a clean paint line.  Once the paint was dry, I simply removed the tape.

To add a bit of contrast, I used a Zig Painty pen in Iris.

Now on to the medallions.  I used my die cutting machine and steel die to make three medallions.  I used my Zig Writer in Arctic White to add a bit of detail around the edges.  Then, I used my Zig Writer in Black to outline the center portions.

Now to put it all together.  Start by adding the beads into the glass.  Next I die cut a couple of bats and used my Zig 2 Way Glue pen to adhere them to the glass.

 One medallion I stamped a short sentiment in the center and then simply laid at the bottom of the glass.

Next, I added straight pins to the back of two medallions. One of them I simply laid across the glass.  The next I stood up in the beads and also added a bit of ribbon.

A fun project to create, and how cute would this be sitting amongst your other Halloween decorations?

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