Thursday, November 21, 2013

Embossed Candle Holder

Are you getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? If you're anything like me, you're just itching to put up the Christmas tree and decorations.  However, I'm making myself hold out until after Thanksgiving.  Wouldn't want to overlook turkey day :)

Since I'm in a Christmas mood though, I thought I'd make a quick project.  And by quick, I mean less than five minutes!  Perfect for a last minute gift or decoration.  How cute would a set of these be as a hostess gift for a party? Or how about for that one person you forgot to buy a gift?

So let me show you how it was made.

Start by gathering your supplies.  You'll need a clean glass tea light candle holder, stamps of your choice, a Zig Emboss Writer, a heat tool, embossing powder, corn starch, and tweezers.  

Because the glass holds static very well, I dusted the glass with a thin layer of corn starch to keep the embossing powder from sticking in places I didn't want it. 

Next, I simply inked my stamp with my Zig Emboss pen, stamped my image on the glass, covered it with embossing powder, then heated the powder until it was melted.  I used three different sized snowflake stamps and randomly stamped them around the glass.  Repeat the stamping and embossing until you like the look of the glass.

I previously mentioned you would need tweezers. Glass holds heat for a long time.  I used the tweezers to hold the glass still so I could stamp and heat emboss the images.  No burned fingertips.  And don't ask how I figured this out, because if you did I'd tell you it was the hard way.

As you can see, the finished project is simply adorable.  I plan to make several more and use them as a runner down the center of my dining room table.  Just think how it will look at night with all the candles lit.

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