Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Ornaments

Welcome back! Are you ready for another fun and super adorable Christmas project? How cute would this guy look hanging from your tree or garland? So let's get started, and I'll show you how it was made.

To start, I panted two wooden spools.  One I painted with a White Zig Painty FX pen, the other was painted with a Light blue Zig Painty FX pen.  Set the spools aside for a few minutes to allow the paint to dry.

Once the paint is dry, cut a strip of paper to fit the middle portion of the spool.  I thought it would be an interesting twist to use a paper with a foreign script. Adhere the strips to the spools and set aside for the adhesive to dry.

Once everything is dry, use a Zig Squeeze & Roll 2 Way Glue Pen to apply a line of glue to the top and bottom of the paper strip.  Immediately coat the glue lines in glitter then set the spools aside once again to dry.

While we're waiting on the glue to dry, let's work on assembling the bottom part of the ornament.  You'll need a pair of beading pliers, a head pin, and whatever item you wish to hang from the bottom of the ornament.  In this case, I wanted to use a crystal star.

Using the beading pliers, make a small loop at the end of the head pin, add the jump ring that is attached to the crystal into the loop, then close the loop.

Next up, insert the head pin into the spool.

Holding the head pin tightly against the spool from the bottom, bend the edge of the head pin against the top of the spool.  If the head pin is longer than the edge of the spool, simply snip off the overhang with a pair of wire cutters.  Oh, and I apologize for my paint covered fingers in the next few pictures. :) I didn't realize how much paint was in my hands when I took the pictures.

Adhere the head pin to the spool using hot glue.

Again using hot glue, adhere your chosen mini-ornament to the top of the spool.

Add a layer of snow textured medium around the base of the snowman.  While the texture medium is still wet, add a bit of glitter over the top.  Set aside the ornament one last time to allow the texture medium to dry.  

Lastly, just add an ornament hook into the top of the ornament.  Now it's ready to hang and enjoy.

The Santa ornament was completed in exactly the same way as the snowman ornament, just using a fabric Christmas tree instead of a crystal star.

These guys are now ready to hang and be enjoyed.  They could also easily be personalized by adding an initial charm to the jump ring at the base.
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