Sunday, January 18, 2009

Countdown To A Baby Shower

All the invitations are complete and, thanks to a scrapping marathon last night, both of the twins' baby albums are now complete! I do not do well with pre-made pages (which is why I have been putting them off for so long), so I am glad to be done with the albums. And I just placed the order for her shower gift. Now the question is, how am I going to get it home? I ordered a double baby stroller online from good ole Wally World since they don't sell it in the store and had it delivered directly to the store. Can you believe they wanted almost $100 to deliver it to the house?! No way am I paying that much for shipping. Guess I'll have to sweet talk one of my friends with a truck. Can you see me trying to get that monstrosity of a stroller into my Saturn? So now all that is left is to make the party favors and just wait for the babies to arrive.

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