Saturday, June 6, 2009

From Cute To Devious

A friend of mine is having a birthday and I just found out it's the BIG one, yes 50. Those of you that know me know that I cannot let it pass silently, I must have my fun. So, to honor the occasion, I have made her a cute little card (at least cute on the outside). I just got the deer stamp from Sideshow Stamps this week and knew immediately how to use it.

What starts off really cute and sweet take a drastic turn once the card is actually opened. Another friend (thanks Beth) gave me the idea to use a boxing glove and it worked out really well.

And for added dimension on the inside, it's attached so that when the card is opened it pops right out of the card. And just for an added bit of humor, there will be a saying on the inside that says "A younger person would have seen that one coming".

Ah yes, gotta love a birthday!
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