Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good News And Not So Good News

The twins are now seven weeks old. Sheyla is just over 8lb and Emily is barely 7lb. I'll start with Emily since it seems she is having the most problems right now.

When she was three weeks old, the doctor changed her formula to a sensitive type because she was spitting up. That didn't help too much so her formula was changed again to soy and then a week later was changed again to Alimentium. Also the doctor put her on Zantac and then changed it to Prevacid due to thinking she had reflux. In the past week she has lost over a pound because of all the spitting up. She went for a barium test yesterday and the test shows she does not have reflux and there are no blockages in her stomach or intestines which is wonderful news. The down side is the doctor still does not know what is causing her to spit up her formula. Feeding time is not fun - she is having to be fed 1 oz of formula mixed with one teaspoon if rice every two hours and has to go back to the doctor tomorrow to be weighed and if she has not gained any weight then she will have to have a feeding tube.

Sheyla, on the other hand, is a bottomless pit when it comes to feeding, eating all the time. She has picked up a cold from the older two kids but otherwise is perfectly healthy.

I took this picture yesterday morning once they both were finally quiet. Sorry it's such a bad pic, but all I had was my cell phone and it doesn't take the best pictures. Emily is on the left and Sheyla is on the right.


  1. They are beautiful!It's a lovely photo. I hope the dr will find out really soon, poor thing! Sending good thoughts your way!!!

  2. How is Emily doing??

  3. That is the most adorable picture!!! Ginny


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