Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crayon Resist Stamping Tutorial

Crayon Resist Stamping is a fun technique that allows you to quickly and easily create highlights in stamped images. And with multiple variations on the technique, it's one you won't easily become bored with.

Start by gathering all necessary supplies.

Step One: I wanted to create a background so I chose two similar flower stamps, one just slightly smaller than the other and randomly stamped both flowers onto the cardstock. Allow the ink to fully dry on the cardstock before moving on to the next step.

Step Two: Using a wax crayon, trace areas around the flowers where you want to highlight, keeping in mind that any areas that have been highlighted with the wax crayon will resist any future applications of ink. As the crayon I was using was clear, it's really hard to see in the picture but it does show fairly well in the bottom flower with the light reflecting off the wax.

Step Three: Add desired ink colors to complete the background. Tip: The darker the ink colors used, the more the resist areas will stand out in contrast.

Step Four: To complete the card, I added a bit of glitter glue in a few places for a bit of sparkle and then added the sentiment and butterfly.

Variation One - Crayon resist on colored cardstock

This variation is done using the first three steps above, with the only change being using a colored cardstock instead of white cardstock. This option gives a nice tone on tone color.

Variation Two - Multiple layers of color

For this variation, use steps one through three above; however, with step three use a light colored ink. Once the ink has dried, repeat step two and add highlight areas with the wax crayon in different spots than the first time. Then repeat step three, this time using a darker color ink. Once you have completed the second inking, you will have areas of white showing from the first resist, then areas of the lighter ink showing from the second resist.
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