Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eclipse Stamp Masking Tutorial

Here's a fun stamping tutorial that I hope you will enjoy.

Stamp masking is a wonderful way to combine multiple stamps together to create new and unique images. And it really is an easy technique to master.

Start by gathering all necessary supplies - cardstock, stamps, ink, scissors, and repositionable adhesive (not shown).

Step One: This technique takes just a bit of pre-planning prior to actually stamping. You'll first want to determine which image will be in the foreground and which image will be in the background. In this case, the fairy image is the foreground image so it will be stamped first.

Step Two: On a scrap piece of cardstock, stamp the fairy image again and cut it out.

Step Three: Take the image that was cut out and, using a repositionable adhesive, adhere it directly above the first stamped image. Since both images were stamped onto white cardstock, I have inked the cut out image so it is easier to see.

Step Four: Stamp background image and then remove the cut out image. Now you have a layered stamped image that only needs to be colored and added to any project.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and will give stamp masking a try.
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