Monday, August 18, 2014

Teddy Bear T-shirt

Welcome back everyone! Today I have something a bit different for me - a t-shirt. Yes, I'm playing with fabric and clothing....and my JnW Crafts Teddy Bear template. A project where I didn't touch my ink pads lol. Might just be a first for me.

Let's jump right into how it was made.

I chose three different patterns of fabrics, cut to 4 in x 6 in each.

In addition to the fabric, I also cut three pieces of fusible web to 4 in x 6 in.  If you didn't know, this gal does not sew! :) I simply followed the directions on fusible web package. The one I was using had a paper back that was removed, then I pressed the fusible web to the wrong side of my fabric. I then used my JnW Crafts template to draw my teddy bear design.

Next, I cut out the three teddy bears. I removed the backing from the other side of my fusible web then ironed on the cut-outs to my t-shirt.

To add a bit more color to the shirt, I hand sewed on a bit of ric-rac trim to the sleeves.  Start to finish, it took about 30 minutes to finish the t-shirt. Which is a good thing because I had to make a second one ASAP. Perils of having twins in the family is that you must have two of everything :)

I hope you've enjoyed your visit today!

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