Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boo Candle

We're just a few days away from that spookiest of nights, so what better time to show off a fun home decor item? I used the ornament template from JnW Crafts to create the jack-o-lanterns.

To start, I used the ornament template and felt to make the jack-o-lanterns. Then i used a brown marker to give them a few highlights. Lastly, I cut out some eyes from black felt and added the letter stickers.

 Now on to the candle. I wrapped it with some burlap, then added a strip of tulle. Next, I added a felt owl.

Now I just layered the jack-o-lanterns on top of the candle,and voila, project complete.

How cute would this be as a part of a centerpiece on a table of sitting on top of a mantle?

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