Friday, July 22, 2011

Canvas Pennant Flower Tutorial

Today I have a simple flower tutorial that packs a lot of punch. I was working with the large canvas pennants a few weeks ago and they were sort of fanned out on my table and I had a light bulb moment. Why not turn them into a flower? So I did and loved the result!

Step 1 - Start with eight of the large canvas pennants.

Step 2 - Using your ink sprays, use several colors and thoroughly saturate each of the canvas pennants. I used Ranger's Adirondack Color Wash. At this point, you have a couple of options. If you want a bold, striking color, set the pennants aside to dry. If you want a more muted, faded look, take the pennants to your sink and give them a quick rinse. The ones in the picture below have been rinsed.

Step 3 - Take the right hand point of the pennant and fold it to the left. Take your finger and slightly crease the fold line. The canvas will hold the crease so there's no need for adhesive. Continue this process for all eight of the pennants.

Step 4 - Cut out an approximate two inch circle. It does not have to be exact as it will be completely covered. Using a hot glue gun, start layering and adhering the pennants to the circle. I found a hot glue gun was the was the easiest way to go since it dries so quickly.

Step 5 - Once all the pennants are adhered, you should have something similar to this.

Step 6 - Adhere a layering or netting or tulle using the hot glue gun. I used a four inch circle of netting that was just cut by hand. I didn't feel the need to have an exact circle. The unevenness of the circle just adds to the distressed feel of the flower.

Step 7 - Ink up two of the Basically Bare Basics Felt Flowers. I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze for the base color and Ranger Distress Ink to add a bit contrast.

Step 8 - Using a hot glue gun, attach the two felt flowers. While the hot glue is still hot and pliable, take the eraser end of a pencil the press down in the middle of the flower and hold for a few seconds until the glue sets up. This will make the petals stand up.

Step 9 - Add a flower center and voila, the flower is complete.

The finished flower using the larger pennants is approximately five inches. If you were to use the small canvas pennants, the finished flower would be approximately three inches. Or you could layer the small pennants on top of the large pennants. So many different options!

Have fun with your embellishments and let your imagination run wild. You just never know where it might lead you.
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