Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Time!

I hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving Day! In honor of Turkey Day, I thought it would be fun to make a couple of cute little table decorations. Can you picture these guys as name cards on the dinner table?

Follow along and we’ll get started making these guys. To start off, you’ll need a set of Basically Bare acrylic gears which have been cut in half. Next, I inked up all the pieces of acrylic with several fall shades of alcohol ink.

Once the alcohol ink is dry (which only takes a few seconds), layer and attach the pieces of acrylic with pop dots. Be sure to only place the pop dots in the middle portion of the gears, otherwise they will be visible on the finished project.

Next up is the body of the turkey. I took a 4 inch circle piece of fabric and inked it brown. Once the ink was dry, I took a needle and thread and slip stitched around the border. Next, add a bit of stuffing and then pull the thread. By pulling the thread it will close up the fabric and you will have a little ball.

Lastly, just adhere the body of the turkey to the acrylic “feathers”, add a couple of googly eyeballs, the waddle, and the beak.

Now, off I go to finish my Thanksgiving Day dinner!
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