Sunday, October 9, 2011


Have you noticed I seem to have a never ending supply of pictures of the munchkins? I think most of us do. I try to scrap them soon after they are taken so the day and events are still fresh in my mind.

I chose to keep the colors of the layout and embellishments in the same colors as those in the picture (of course using lots of pink :) ).

All three of the hearts are Basically Bare canvas. Love, love, love the canvas! Did I mention I love the canvas embellishments? :) They take color amazingly well. I inked them all using Liquitex acrylic ink that was thinned with a bit of water. Once they were dry, I chose to give each of them a different treatment. One I stamped on, one I added little drops of Ranger's Enamel Accents, and the largest heart I sewed on letter beads. All completely different techniques and yet the canvas is up to the job!
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