Monday, March 24, 2014

Stamping on Candles

Spring is finally here, so of course I have another project to welcome in the new season. So let's jump right on in on how I made this wonderful candle.

I have many plain jane white candles and was looking for a way to make them a bit prettier.  However because this is something that will be burning, I couldn't add all the normal embellishments.  And because of the waxy surface, most inks will not dry.

However, I know from past experience that alcohol based inks will dry on the candle.  So what better pen to use than my Zig Kurecolor  pens? 

I used four colors to ink up my stamp - Blush, Green, Persian Blue, and Deep Violet.

Because of the alcohol, the ink dries fairly quickly on the stamp.  So to extend the drying time, I spritzed the stamp with alcohol.  Just regular alcohol from your medicine cabinet. One thing to keep in mind when spraying alcohol - you do not want to inhale it.  It will burn your lungs.  Be sure to spray the alcohol in a well ventilated area and away from yourself.

While the stamp is still wet from being spritzed, stamp the image on the candle.  Because of the curved surface, the image will not be perfect, but that's ok.  Plus, spritzing the stamp with alcohol gives a watercolor effect on the candle, which is an unintended but awesome effect.

Give the candle a few seconds for the ink to dry, then repeat the inking, spritzing, and stamping process

I stamped a total of three images on the candle, all very close together.

What a cute finished project right?

Never be afraid to play and experiment.  You never know what the outcome will be, and in this case I learned how to create a wonderful effect on waxy surfaces.
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