Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time To Spare

We all have plenty of time to spare right? lol Well, if you're anything like me, you try to squeeze every second of time from your day. Today I have an awesome clock made with lots and lots of Unique Laser Designs embellishments. So let's jump right on in and I'll show you can make one of your own.

I started with a bare wood shadowbox, which I painted with Starburst ink from Lindy's Stamp Gang. Once fully painted, set it aside for a bit to dry.

Next, I adhered some pages from an old dictionary to cover the background. Once again, set it aside to let the adhesive dry before moving to the next step.

Now, I simply added a bit of ink to the paper, then stamped a few random flowers.

Now, on to the embellishments.  I used my smooch ink to color the corner pieces and hearts.  Then just set them aside to dry.

Once the embellishments are dry, adhere the corner pieces to each corner. Then adhere the hearts in a clock formation so that a heart is at the 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00 positions.

I decided to add one more piece, which is the center medallion.  I painted it with the same Smooch ink and adhered it to the center of the shadowbox.  Next, I added the clock fixture (the instructions for it will be on the package when you buy the clock itself).

I wasn't happy with seeing the rod that holds the clock hands, so I added a flower to hide it.

Next up, I added a bit of twine around the inner edge of the shadowbox.

Now, on to the last embellishment.  I took a dragonfly and inked it with more Smooch ink and a bit of glitter.

Once it was dry, I simply adhered it to the upper right hand corner of the shadowbox, then added a couple flowers to the lower left hand corner.

So to wrap things up, the center medallion, hearts, corner pieces, and dragonfly are all from Unique Laser Designs. Wonderful pieces used for a fun and functional project.

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