Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Canvas

Have you started working on all those Christmas projects and gifts that you'll be making this year?  Scary to think, but the big day is only six weeks away. Here's a fun canvas idea to get you in the mood.  

I started with a 5x7 canvas some old paperback books I had laying around.  I tore the book pages into roughly two inch squares and adhered them as a collage onto the canvas with gel medium.

Once the gel medium is completely dry, it's time to start adding some color.  For this, I started by making a small puddle of water on my craft sheet. Then using a Zig Writer in Pure Red, I scribbled a bit of ink onto the canvas.   Next, I quickly dipped my finger into the water and then used my wet finger to spread the ink across the canvas.  My fingers really are the best tools I have in my scraproom. :)

I continued to add scribbles of ink and blending it with water until the canvas is fully covered.  Don't forget to add ink to the sides of the canvas too.

I wanted to add a small bit of distress to the canvas and also tone the bright red just a tad.  So, to do this, I used a Zig Woodcraft marker in Antique Metallic.  I held the marked down until I had a small puddle of ink on my craft sheet and then also made another small puddle of water.

Then, I simply dipped my finger into the water puddle and then into the ink and randomly spread the mixture on the canvas.

 For the next step, I used a Zig Writer in Pure Brown to create a tree branch.  You can do this freehand, or if you're like me, you can use a stencil.

Now, on to the embellishments.  I used a Basically Bare Holiday Ornament in bare chipboard and felt.  To start, I painted the chipboard white using a Zig Painty FX marker in White.

Once the paint was dry, I added a layer of Glass Bead gel medium.  This medium added such a wonderful texture!  This part takes about 24 hours to dry, so please keep this in mind when using the glass bead medium.

Next, I painted the felt piece of the ornament using a Zig Painty FX marker in Green.  Once the paint was dry, I also added a layer of Green Stickles to the felt piece. I am a glitter girl, and every project must have a bit of glimmer and shine.

Now, it's time to tie everything together.  I added a piece of trim around the outside border of the canvas.  Then I added a piece of May Arts twine to use as a hanger on the ornament.  A bit of ribbon and a jingle bell finishes the ornament.  Lastly, I added a sentiment.

Now wish me luck, I have 12 more of these canvases to make.
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